When is the best age to do an operation on a baby with a groin hernia?

No lower age limit. Groin hernia in a baby has a potential complication of incarceration , surgery is advised as soon as it is detected. Talk to your pediatrician for referral to a ped. Surgeon.
If you can wait. If you can wait is best but of they are noticeable fix now. Talk to a pediatric surgeon. www.drlugo.com.

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My husband had a unilateral groin hernia when he was 5 and had surgery. What are the chances this hurt his fertility?

Chances of fertility. Are very good , even if he with one testicle , how ever if surgery was done for rare bilateral undecented testicles then chances will be reduced then depends on sperm count ; motility .. Unilateral or bilateral inguinal hernia repair fertility will not be affected , don't worry , you will be a mom. Read more...