I have a swollen lymph node in the neck, my ankle is swollen too. Both my feet are hurting. Plus I have red painful bumps in the feet what's wrong?

Adenopathy. Sounds like a generalized viral process with your neck and feet symptoms. Hand foot and mouth a possibility however you are older. Other infections like strep, mono, coxsackie possible. If you have a high fever, headache or neck stiffness likely best to get checked.
Get evaluated. There are too many possible answers to your problems. They may be unrelated to each other. You should be evaluated by a doctor.

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I have a swollen lymph nodes in jaw and neck, plus red bumps on feet. What could be wrong with me?

Cannot diagnose. These two entities are probably unrelated. Go and see a doctor. Answers on HealthTap aren't intended for individual treatment, prescription or diagnosis.

Found a small red tick on my child's neck 3 days ago, she has a tiny red bump and swollen lymph node she is on amoxilin 250mg, should I have concerns?

Treated. Well it sounds like you got the tick out and started treatment right away. Now you do not know what kind of tick this was. So it may not be the kind that sends lymes. You are on the treatment regimen as a precaution anyway.