What is the best antibiotic for a baby with a throat infection?

Penicillin. Most sore throats are caused by a virus and don't require antibiotics to fight the infection. Strep throat is one of the few sore throats that is treatable but is relatively uncommon in infants. Strep throat is usually very sensitive to penicillin and therefore is the drug of choice.
DEPENDS. Since most are viral & babies never get rheumatic fever there is marginal reason to ever treat them with anything. If a strep test verifies it is strep A, the simplest easy to use product is usually the best. Amoxicillin can be given 2X a day & will kill the germ.
Most are viral. and do not need antibiotics. Very rare for a child under 18 months to get strep. So babies usually do not need antibiotics for a sore throat.

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My 6 month old baby has had 2 doses of antibioics in the last 6 weeks for a ear infection and now a throat infection is this ok?

It happens. Clearing ear infections in small infants is sometimes difficult, with reinfection rates running 10% by a month out if it even cleared at all. I encourage parents to use probiotic preparations to help reduce the effect on the kids happy germs that help digestion. Read more...

Had throat infection. Finished anti biotics 4 days ago. Painless movable lumps under chin and jaw still there? What are they?

Infection. This description sounds like lymph nodes. It is common to get swollen lymph nodes during an infection. These will go away on their own. If they persists weeks to months after an infection, i suggest seeing your pcp for further examination. Read more...

I had a bacterial throat infection, had a dose of anti biotics and a repeat. 4 days after finishing im getting a sore throat and white tongue. Ideas?

Possible thrush.. White tongue and sore throat might be symptoms and signs of oral thrush which is associated with a yeast(fungal) infection and require other type of antibiotics to be prescribed. Please make an appointment with your doctor so a direct exam can be performed and appropriate treatment prescribed. Read more...