What does a physical therapist do on a child with cerebral palsy?

Encourage developmen. Children with cerebral palsy have delay in their motor development. Physical therapists work to help encourage motor development through exercises, stretching, bracing and use of special techniques like functional electrical stimuation and kinesiotaping.
Manage motor problem. Physical therapists work with children who have cerebral palsy by stretching muscles with exercises, maintaining range of motion at joints, working with psysical medicine doctors and orthopedists in prescribing and fitting braces and the use of wheel chairs where necessary. They also work with parents to encourage their working with their children and making sure seating posture is correct.
Support and teach. The physical and occupational therapists are probably f the most important medical professionals in the life of a child with cerebral palsy. They help with positioning, strengthening, stretching tight muscles, helping children clothe themselves, feed themselves and prepare for life. For children who have more severe problems, they help in wheelchairs, standers, bracing, etc.

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