How to cure Burning sensation on the Skin of my stomach after Cesarean?

Burning of skin. First, make sure there is no treatable cause for your burning such as infection. Using hot/cold compresses may be helpful. If the scar is well healed, using topical rubs such as Bengay/Icyhot or Vicks may provide you with some relief. In resistant cases, medications such as Neurontin (gabapentin) may be helpful as they work on the nerves which is the cause of pain in most cases.
Compounded cream. Your Dr can have a cream mixed by a compounding pharmacy with a combination of Lidocaine and Gabapentin that can help that. .

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I am having a tingling, painful, burning sensation on the skin epidermis of my right upper stomach. Why is this happening & what is the cure for this?

Burning sensation. A detailed history and complete physical examination may help your physician in establishing a correct diagnosis and adequate treatment for your condition. I have seen similar presentations in patients with early shingles, transverse myelitis in multiple sclerosis and pinched nerves in the thoracic spine. Please contact your physician for evaluation. Hope you feel well soon. Read more...