What are the baby foods safe to feed a g6pd deficiency baby?

Most are safe. From the time when babies are sitting to when they walk is a marvelous opportunity to introduce many flavors of foods (www.Drgreene.Com/colorin). Kids with g6pd deficiency should avoid fava beans. Some kids - depending on their variant - should also avoid blueberries (& yogurts containing them), soy, other legumes, some chinese herbs, or tonic water (not great for babies anyway). I love g6pd.Org.
G6PD is.... An hereditary enzyme deficiency. Inheritance is x-linked, so usually not significant in girls. Cells need g6pd to create reducing equivalents to deal with oxidant stress. Patients must avoid ingestion of foods and meds that are oxidants such as fava beans, horseradish, etc. I doubt the foods that are problematic in g6pd deficiency are found in typical jar baby foods. More info at www.G6pd.Org.