How can I ensure my child receives adequate nutrition if she has a neuroblastoma?

NGT/PEG/or I.V. If general pts. Cannot eat enough calories by their mouths then a feeding tube may be paced in the stomach through the nose or mouth ( temporal). If pt. Is requiring food intake for long periods of time then a gastrostomy tube may be placed through or via endoscopy directly into the small intestine or stomach. If pt. Cannot tolerate food in liquid form through tubes then I.V. Feedings exists (temp.
Nutritionalist. Many communities have free support groups that offer nutritional guidance to patients with cancer. Look up the " caring place" in your community.
Oncology team. Consult with the oncology team who is caring for the neuroblastoma. and have them refer you to a nutritional expert in this field. They would best be able to tell you your child's needs. They might even have one associated with their team.