At 33, my doctor mentioned because my dad died at 52 of heart disease I should consider aspirin therapy now. I already take garlic, fish oil, and q10, am a non-smoker and exercise. Should I?

Very Controversial. because Most people have a risk under 1/1000 per year of heart attack (if No personal history), the risk of ulcer from Aspirin is higher. Your situation.... Without an actual examination, I cannot give specific medical advice on your particular health.... but, 81 mg Aspirin has a better likelihood of working than a high dose, and a bit safer.
Family History. Since you have strong family history of heart disease, it is probably beneficial that you start taking baby aspirin and modify your diet and lifestyle. .
Primary prevention. Taking aspirin for primary prevention (in a situation when you are not known to have heart disease) is not advisable anymore. Consider coronary artery calcium test or carotid artery ultrasound (for thic or vascular reactivity testing to see if there is evidence of early blockages in your arteries. If there is, taking aspirin would be helpful, and worth the risk. Calcium score is the easiest to get.
Yes. Though garlic and fish oil in adequate doses have been shown in some studies to beneficially affect blood lipids, only Aspirin in small doses, 85mg daily, has been shown to protect from heart attack due to coronary artery thrombosis.