Is cramping, spotting, nausea, headache, and dizziness normal at 21 weeks pregnant?

No, Call Physician. Any one of the symptoms mentioned may be normal at anytime in a pregnancy. If one is having all the symptoms listed at one time they should be advised to be seen immediately by their physician or ER as soon as possible. The possibility of pre-eclampsia must be ruled out. Much better to be safe at this time in the pregnancy. Good luck.

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I get headaches, I feel dizzy, I get nausea & really bad cramps near my hips. However I am sexually active could I be pregnant?

Menstrual migraines? You'll need a pregnancy test to answer your question. However, sounds like you might get menstrual-related migraines. I'm available for HealthTap consults if you'd like to discuss prevention and treatment. Read more...

6dpo I have experienced cramps in lower back also, headaches nausea been dizzy site breasts and some flu like symptoms, could I be pregnant, ttc 2 yrs?

Hard to tell yet. A doctor can check to see if there is a medical issue, if a woman has mild menstrual-related symptoms. Many women have some variation of their mucus discharge, their periods, or a missed period on occasion. Some women feel normal after a few days, but others have bothersome symptoms and follow-up with their doctors. If needed, a pregnancy test is accurate if done correctly after a missed period. Read more...