My child is 10 months old and has cow milk allergy. Can I try giving her some cheese?

Depends. Goat cheese would not have the risk associated with cow milk exposure.If you kid has a true milk allergy, and not just lactose intolerance, you should avoid any milk bearing product. Please clarify this with the kids doc.

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Bf 6 wk old he has cow milk allergy I'm trying to stay dairy free but found out something's I eat have dairy, would goat formula be best or breastfeed?

Breastfeeding Best. Food protein-induced proctitis/proctocolitis is caused by proteins from cow's milk, which are ingested through breast milk or standard cow's milk based formulas. Treatment consists of complete elimination of cow's milk from the diet. Breastfeeding is always best. Strict avoidance is key, read labels and stay vigilant. Good news is that sensitivity resolves by one year of age in almost all infants. Read more...