My child has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is on meds. Can flying overseas cause a problem due to the altitude?

Meet with Docs. You might want to meet with your doc at least a month before you travel so you can discuss changes in med schedules as you will be traveling to a different time zone. Also discuss how and who to contact in case of an emergency. The altitude is not a problem since cabins are pressurized, the problem may be that kids may get off schedules and get to stressed, tired and hungry. Stick to his schedule.
Flight altitude. Only high altitude is a trigger for seizures. However, for clarity, jets are not fully pressurized to sea level at all. Studies show median equivalent in flight is as though being at 6, 214 feet (1894 meters). Newer jets fly at higher altitudes than older aircraft ; have greater altitude exposures for passengers. Important mostly for those w/ long and heart disease--not seizures.