My 6 month old baby has eczema, and he scratches real bad. What can I do to stop the itching and scratching?

He needs to be seen. Your child should be seen for treatment. In the meantime oatmeal baths can help with the itching. You could also try otc topical steroids until you can be seen.
Atopic dermatitis. Now known to be shortage of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. He needs a mixture of 1 part gla to 4 parts epa, not linseed or canola oil. See a nutritionist.

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My 6 month old baby has eczema, he scratches real bad. What can I do to stop or decrease the itches?

Hydration. Soak in water, use less soap, barely dry and slather in petrolatum base product on a daily basis. There may be some help with presctiption medicaitons. Keep gloves or mittens on the avoid too much scratching. Humidify the room carefully to increase the ambiet moisture in the air. Topical otc anti-itch creams may help. If worse, see your pcp, dermatologist or other health care provider. Read more...
Consider allergy. Eczema in infants is often associated with food allergy. Finding out what foods to avoid by allergy testing may help to eliminate or dramatically improve the rash and itch. Read more...