Please translate: comminuted left intertrochanteric hip fracture-avulsion of greater&lesser trochanters. Fracture lines evident. No callus formation?

Not healing yet. This sounds like a complicated fracture. Callus is what we look for to show signs of healing. It varies in time before it becomes visible on an X-ray . Depending on when this happened would help explain the findings. As always talk to your orthopedist. Good luck.
Bad fracture. Comminuted means multiple bone fragments from a relatively high energy injury. The greater and lesser trochanters are two anatomic areas on the upper femur near the hip joint. Muscles and tendons attach to these sites and can pull them apart after a fracture. They can be repaired with surgery. No callus means no evidence of bone healing which may be time dependent.
Broken hip. and a pretty bad one with no sig healing seen yet of course " a picture is worth a thousand words" therefore seeing the xray itself provides much more information.
Need more information. When did the fracture occur? How did the fracture occur? How old is the patient? What type of surgery? Nail/rod or plate and screws?