Is there any natural treatment to help get rid of baby eczema?

Don't gamble. Here we go with "natural" again. "natural" does not necessarily mean "safe" or even "effective". Cyanide is natural. Arsenic is natural. All too often, "natural" on the label means it will cost more, and that's it. Don't gamble your baby's skin on folk remedies; see a dermatologist, get a precise diagnosis, and a safe/effective treatment.

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Can you recommend a good natural treatment for eczema, don't want to use hydrocortisones?

Eczema care. Get cerave or cristco shortening and long rolls of gauze. Lather up the ghoo on the skin and wrap it lightly overnight and do it nightly until the skin is well moisturized and then apply the moisturizer daily twice a day especially after a shower and don't use hot water when you shower. Read more...

I have been told I have eczema but I have tried all kinds of creams and ointments even shots, is there any type of natural treatment I can try inst?

ECZEMA. Eczema care begins in infancy. Babies develop eczema from food allergy. So it is introduce one by one to know the allergen. As the child grow up, there are environmental triggers that cause eczema.The moisturizers help the skin before applying steroid cream.Oatmeal baths are helpful.Allergy specialist can advise, do intradermal tests and shots to help pinpoint triggers. Read more...