How effective is clonodine for adult ADHD vs strattera (atomoxetine) or intuniv? Stimulants cause me bad anxiety. What's the best option that causes no drowsiness?

Clonidine may work. stimulants have a better success rate. However second line medications such as straterra may help with less appetite problems or insomnia. Intuniv is a long acting med. that is similar to clonidine. If you are trying one I would suggest intuniv. Side affects could be fatigue and lowering of blood pressure.

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My son got a tic with his first attempt at using a stimulant for ADHD. He is now on Intuniv, but not working too well. Would strattera (atomoxetine) work better?

Maybe. Tics may be . unmasked by one stimulant, but not the the other. Guanfacine, active ingredient of Intuniv, treats tics. If your son's ADHD symptoms need to be reduced in a few days, not a few weeks, his MD can add low dose amphetamine if he tried methylphenidate, or vice-versa, then titrate it weekly in small increments. If she does so, Intuniv dose should stay the same during stimulant titration. Read more...