Is it okay to take prenatal vitamins even if I'm not trying to get pregnant?

Yes. Prenatal vitamins are designed to contain lower levels of some ingredients, eg- vitamin a which can be toxic to the fetus. It makes them more expensive.. There is no benefit in taking them when not pregnant, but ther is definitely no harm.

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Is it ok to take prenatal vitamins for anemia and low b and d vitamins even if you are not pregnant or not trying to conceive?

Yes, in fact wise. I advise everyone take a quality multivitamin. Prenatals are a type of multivit. which contain B vits and tend to be rich in iron which often helps anemia. I advise everybody takes 5-8000iu of Vit D3 in fall and winter months and year-round if you don't get much mid-day sun without sunscreen in spring and summer. See I advise a prenatal with the L-5MTHF form of folate (folic acid). Read more...

My fienceè smokes weed, can that be a problem with us trying to conceive! How can I become pregnant faster, ! I'm taking prenatal vitamins!

Pot & infertilityp. Hi, yes pot decreases the Sperm quality and might cause infertility, so if u guys want to conceive then he should stop weed, and the only way to get pregnant is to have lots of sex especially 11-16 days prior to ur next period.good luck. Read more...