I had blood work done, no thyroids or any illness accept for urine Fibroids and Anemia. My hair has been thinning out. What could be the cause then?

Fibroids, anemia. Hair changes (thinning, brittle, or even loss of hair) common with significant anemia one can get from fibroids. Interestingly, this is completely reversible once the anemia is treated. Other signs of anemia include being tired/weak, lightheaded/dizzy, palpitations, migraine-like headaches, and chewing/craving ice. Get your hemoglobin and iron levels checked. May need to get fibroids treated.
Iron. You might want to start Iron supplement, since iron deficiency can cause this. If no better in few weeks, repeat your blood work.
Many possibilities. You did not include your blood test results. Stress can influence hair issues in some people. You may want to see a dermatologist to see if you may have a scalp or hair problem. Good luck. Use a gentle shampoo and brushing of your hair.