Is it normal for a child at eight years old to still be constantly bedwetting?

Ever Dry? Has your child ever been dry? When does it happen? Is it day and night, or only night? Does anyone else in the family have this problem? Enuresis, as it is called has a strong family history. You must have the child seen by his doc to make sure there are not any other problems. If it is primary enuresis, it may in some cases persist into the teen age years.
No, 3 - 5% still do. Old enough to start treatment with a wetting alarm plus old enough to strip and make own bed. Use positive reinforcement. Good luck.
No. Urinary incontinence (failure to achieve bladder control) beyond 4 years old is generally considered abnormal even if good number of children may still experience occasional "accident.".
Mildly abnormal. Normal till age 5-years, when 15% of normal children still wetr their beds. We advise restricting fluids after supper and toileting child an hour or 2 after bed from this age. Bedwetting alarm, the most successful treatment/cure method for bw can be started at age 7-years. Not unusual till later age if either parent was a bedwetter. Avoid any blame, bw is not due to laziness.