If you have a child with ambiguous genitalia what should you do?

Right after birth. Most children are identified right after birth by a pediatrician. A pediatric endocrinologist and a pediatric urologist consult on these babies right away and follow long term. To not know the sex of a newborn is extremely traumatic for the family and may also be associated with other medical problems requiring evaluation and treatment before these babies can go home.
Consult pedi experts. These are pediatric urologists & pediatric endocrinologists. An occasional pediatric gynecologist may also have expertise. Pedi. Psychiatrist or psychologist with expertise & interest can also be halpful. Most pediatric urologists & some pedi surgeons have expertise in surgical correction if & when necessary. Earlier the consults obtained, earlier long-term plans are made & earlier peace of mind.
See Specialist. The child should be seen by an endocrine doctor.