Is a brain tumor cancer?

There can be benign tumors in the brain like meningioma or acoustic neuroma. These tumors are not malignant, but can cause symptoms and complications, and are often treated with surgery or radiosurgery. There can be malignant tumors in the brain (cancer). These can be metastatic, or be of primary brain origin.
Good question. Tumors can be malignant or benign. A benign tumor is one that does not grow rapidly, does not infiltrate normal tissue, and does not metastasize or break off and spread to other parts of the body. However, in the brain a benign tumor can be malignant by position. If the tumor is located deep or in a very sensitive place, it can be very dangerous. Some brain tumors can just be easily cured.

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How to determine if I have cancer or a brain tumor?

Pathology. I interpret your question is how to differentiate between brain cancer and tumor. Tumor is a generic term that can involve low grade and high grade tumor. Brain cancer refers to the high grade or malignant tumor. How a tumor is graded is done by the pathologist. Thus the necessity for a biopsy. There are features/markers such as the nuclear appearance of the cells that help to categorize the tumor.
Very rare. Brain tumors are very rare, so it is unlikely you have one. The most common symptoms is unrelenting headaches, especially if they wake you up from sleeping. So your primary care doctor who can examine you and look in the back of your eyes to look for increased pressure. A ct of the head would be the next step.

Which type of cancer is it when you have a brain tumor?

Depends. Could be primary in the brain. These can be benign or malignant. Could be spread from elsewhere.

What are symptoms of brain tumor/cancer. I just want to verify?

Variable. Brain tumors present in many different ways. Many cause headaches, some don't. Some cause seizures as a first symptom. Some cause neurologic deficits, such as weakness of one limb or one side of the body, or aphasia (difficulties understanding language or expressing oneself). None of these are specific for brain tumor, other brain disease can also cause these.

Please tell me how long it takes for to diagnois a brain tumor/cancer?

Varies. Diagnosing a brain tumor can be done very quickly if an MRI scan shows typical appearances of a brain tumor. The technology has advanced significantly so that there are specific patterns and appearances of brain tumors. However, to formally diagnose a brain tumor, most require a biopsy. This has the advantage of providing molecular details that may help with treatment and prognosis.
Symptoms? If the tumor is small and not pressing on vital areas of the brain, depending on the tumor type, if benign or cancerous, it can be present for a very long time and undiagnosed. A very aggressive tumor however, or a tumor that affects an important part of the brain will likely be diagnosed fairly quickly.

Can a brain tumor cause cancer elsewhere in the body by spreading out of the brain?

Very rarely. This depends on the type of brain tumor. In general, primary brain tumors do not spread to the rest of the body (metastasis). There are rare cases in which primary brain tumors can spread to other organs.
No. Brain cancers do not spread outside the head, unless a shunt has been placed connecting the inside of the brain with, usually the peritoneal cavity.
No. A tumor/cancer that is originated from brain as primary organ (primary brain tumor/cancer) does not spread outside the brain. Now, however, many cancers that are originated from other parts /organs in the body (such as breast cancer, lung cancers, etc) can spread to the brain (metastatic cancer to brain). Metastatic cancer to brain is far more common than primary brain cancer/tumor.
Not usually. Although extremely uncommon, glioblastoma has been found outside of the nervous system in a metastatic fashion, most often inthe lungs or lymph nodes. It is usually found after surgery for the brain disease.

Is a brain tumor a cancer of the neurons?

Could be- yes. There are many kinds of brain tumors, which can arise from different types of cells. A brain tumor can arise from any tissue within the skull, including the neurons, oligodendrocytes, astrocytes, meninges, or blood vessels.

How is brain tumor different from brain cancer?

Brain cancer spec. Brain cancer is a specific type of brain tumor. Brain tumors are graded from grade 1 (benign) to grade 4 (cancer). Hence, brain cancer is a specific sub-type of brain tumor.
It may be the same. A tumor is abnormal tissue that is growing in an area where it really shouldn't be found. Tumors can be benign (such as meningiomas) or malignant (such as glioblastomas). People could use the term brain tumor to refer to either of these disease. Brain cancer would most often refer to only the malignant types of tumors or to cancer that metastasized to the brain from other sites in the body.
... Brain tumor means any lump growing in the brain. It would include non-cancers such as meningiomas, and cancers that spread from elsewhere in the body, known as metastases. When we talk about brain cancer, we usually mean true cancers that started in the brain, such as glioblastoma.

How are brain cancer and brain tumor different?

Pathology type. Brain tumor is a generic term that includes benign, low grade and malignant brain tumors. Brain cancer refers to the malignant category. When one speaks of a brain cancer, this may be a primary (originating from the brain tissue) or metastatic (originating from cancer outside of the brain). Treatment depends on the type of cancer.