Nauseous, hot flashes, racing heart, sore back?

Need evaluation. This symptoms can be part of post menopausal symptoms. OR some serious thing like abnormal heart rhythm , heart attack or acute infection in your gall bladder , liver or pancreas. Try to see your doctor ASAP or go to emergency.

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31 yo Male diangosis cardiomyopathy. Tonight had sudden sob, hot flashes and rapid heart beat. Only lasted minutes. Never had these as sx. Is this typical?

NO. Your shortness of breath suggests either that you're feeling very anxious about your diagnosis or that you are retaining fluid in your lungs - either issue should be addressed. The rapid heart beat may be the cause (with warmth) so a monitor to record your heart rhythm is indicated. This can be 24 or 48 hours (Holter), 30 days (an event monitor) or up to 3 years with an implanted loop recorder. Read more...

Woke up w racing heart, hot flash, no sweat, no fever, followed by diarrhea. Could this be food poisoning? Anxiety? Happened during day w panic too.

See below. Sounds more like a panic attack/anxiety than food poisoning, especially since it happened in different situations and you associate it with panic. Would be worthwhile to visit with your pcp about this to rule out any other causes. Good luck. Read more...