I had gestational diabetes but had my baby 4 months ago. I'm still testing high on my blood sugar, so am I a real diabetic?

Yes. Having gestational diabetes put you at risk for diabetes lifelong. 6-12 weeks after delivery, if you are still testing in the diabetes range, you are diabetic and need to be treated as a diabetic. If the numbers are in the pre-diabetes range, then I highly recommend you to focus of diet (5-10% weight loss), and exercise (30 min moderate activity 5 days/week) to prevent from becoming diabetic.
Not normal. By now your sugars should've normalized since having your baby 4 months ago. You need to see your doctor to determine the next course of action regarding appropriate work up and treatment.

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Anyone know what is a high level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes to have big babies?

See below. Abnormal values with pregnancy GTT are: fasting 95 mg/dl or higher 1 hour 180 mg/dl or higher 2 hours 155 mg/dl or higher 3 hours 140 mg/dl or higher the higher you are, the more risk to develop fetal abnormalities. Check w/your doctor!
Over 140. A blood sugar of 140 will enable diagnosis of gestational diabetes. If you have been diagnosed, your baby is in danger of growing at a too large rate. This causes the baby's system to produce insulin at a higher rate, which fuels growth. There are multiple complications at risk. You can use exercise to bring blood sugar back to normal range. Be sure and follow your doctor's orders to a T.

I have gestational diabetes and my blood sugar levels that I check 4 times a day are at lower edge (around 90), even if I eat many carbs. Wht it means?

Controlled Diabetes. It means that your gestational Diabetes is "under control".
90 is great! Normal glucose range for someone without diabetes is 60-100, so no dangers whatsoever from a sugar of 90. Target range for a young person with diabetes is 80-120, and a little lower, maybe 70-110, during pregnancy. Sounds like you're doing great!

I have gestational diabetes and it's at 61 fasting so I eat a sugary treat to get it back up how long should I wait to take my blood sugar again?

One hour. The low blood sugar is a signal that you need to change your way of eating because a sugary treat will cause your blood sugar to continue to bounce. Eat six equal meals with lots of vegetables and avoid sugar, fruit juices, sweet fruits, and processed grains. Relax fora few minutes and do light exercise for 10 minutes if possible after each meal. In a few weeks you will feel much better.

What to do if I am 8 months pregnant and I have gestational diabetes. I've been given a device to monitor my blood sugar.?

It's a little late. Hi. You're a little late to start worrying about controlling your blood sugar now in your 8th month! Screening for GDM is usually done in gestational weeks 24-28 with the purpose of intervening to get good glucose control until term delivery. Talk with your OB ASAP about lifestyle modification and goals!

32+2 wks pregnant with twins, PE, on blood thinner & gestational diabetes, scan babies growth 10th percentile is it concerning? Planed c sec at 36 wks

Needs followup. You will likely need antenatal testing with Doppler by a MFM.
High risk pregnancy. I hope everything goes well with you and your babies, please stay close to the hospital and keep a close follow-up with your doctors, you will all be fine, best wishes.

What level of blood sugar during gestational diabetes causes you to have big babies?

Pattern not number. Baby begins to make their own Insulin during mid pregnancy & any moment that moms levels are high will push glucose across the placenta, forcing baby to store the excess as fat. Any maternal levels above normal can lead to enlarged organs, defects, large baby & the need for IV fluid treatment after birth. The better mom's control, the less problems for baby, the worse control, the bigger the pbs.

When my blood sugar is dropping and I f don't have gestational diabetes what does that mean?

Blood sugar. It probably doesn't mean anything serious. Just that you need to eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours. But check with your physician if this doesn't help. Good luck!

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have kept my blood sugar right where it needs to be. Will nitrofurantoin screw my readings up?

No. It will not change your sugars at all. Follow your doctors directions with regard to taking antibiotics. Yay for you on keeping your sugars right where they need to be!