How would I know if my baby has strep throat if all I see is the stuffy nose?

Have it tested. Babies do get strepa disease & it may be more nasal than throat & can be anal sores. The only way to verify is thru teating.A quick test that takes a few minutes is available in many primary care offices.If your baby had a known exposure & is showing symptoms a visit is worthwhile.You do have several days to treat before strep might trigger complications. No fever?No change in behavior? Doubt it.

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My voice is different like scratching. Hurts when I talk loud or scream. Is it a strep throat? And stuffy nose, cough, and little bit of running nose.

URI. Likely just an upper respiratory infection. They are usually caused by viral illness. The treatment is rest, NSAID or acetaminophen as needed for sore throat or fever, increase fluids and possibly salt water gargles/ throat lozenges as needed. If no better in 3-5 days, speak to your doc. Strep can be tested for in office with a swab. It usually has fever, stomach pain and headache as part of it. . Read more...

Does ARS cause multiple lymph nodes to swell? I had a low risk exposure. Mild fever (3weeks), strep throat+stuffed nose (no more), one sw lymph gl (neck)

Acute HIV infection. HIV-1 infection can occur with unprotected sex or injection drug use. 2 - 4 weeks after an exposure, a patient may develop a flu or mono-like illness called acute HIV infection. These symptoms may include fever, lymphadenopathy, pharyngitis, rash, myalgia, malaise, &/or mouth sores. Other symptoms might include N/V, thrush, headache or neurologic symptoms. Duration is 1 to a few weeks. Get checked. Read more...