How soon can I have a lipo or tummy tuck after having a c-section?

4-6 months. At a minimum, 4-6 months after delivery. The physiologic changes of pregnancy take this long to settle down. You may also want to try to lose the baby weight first, for the best result.
Stable. Once your weight has stabilized and you are not breast feeding, then you can undergo elective surgery such as a tummy tuck. For some women, it is 3-6 months, for others, it can be more than 2 years. It does not hurt to consult with your plastic surgeon as soon as you are thinking about it so that you can plan your surgery and discuss options.
6 months. We usually recommend a 6 month waiting period for abdominoplasty after a c-section.
Time for contraction. I have heard of certain surgeons performing limited tummy tucks (witch hazel) at the time of c-section. However this does involve additional risks and is not a common practice. Most would advise allowing adequate time for your body to return to a normal metabolic state as well stable weight and skin contraction prior to considering any cosmetic intervention. This is usually a minimium of 4 and preferably 6 mos.
At Least 6 Months. Best to be as patient as possible and allow your body to “bounce back” as much as possible. Reach a long-term stable weight, have enough childcare available, be psychosocially stable, and have enough help for a significant recovery period ( associated with tummy tuck surgery). For most patients, this may take at least 6 months after c-section. Best wishes.
3-6 months. It really depends upon how long it takes for your weight to stabilize after the pregnancy. 3 months is a good minimum but i examine patients to be sure they are ready first.