If bladder cancer tumor was size of an orange, would u say that more than likely the stage will be a bad stage? Does large tumor mean death? I know weneed pathology report but can u please shed light?

Bladder tumor. the size does increase the possibility that the tumor extends into the muscle layer. Even so, that doesn't mean it can not be effectively treated. .
Not favorable. The treatment of bladder cancer is based on the stage at wihich it is diagnosed. When confined to the mucosal lining intravesicle chemo or BCG can be employed with good results. As the lesion penetrates the muscular layers the prognosis worsens to a point where when it reaches the outer layer total cystectomy with neobladder needed plus RT chemo. When reaching the size of an orange it is bad.
Wait for the report. The cancer may not even be invasive yet. And even if it is, it may not have metastasized. Size is much less important than whether the cells have mutated sufficiently to have learned to spread. Don't second-guess the pathology. Thanks for understanding.