What is the prognosis (chance of recovery) for multiple myeloma and other plasma cell cancer types?

Better than before. Most patients can now achieve remission either with standard therapy or stem cell transplant. The remissions can be long lived although patients are not cured. Many live a decade or more with good quality of life and this time line continues to get longer with the new targeted therapies. The average life span used to be 2.5 years.
Depends on Fx. The international staging system (iss) is useful for comparing across clinical trial but is of limited utility for helping treat an individual. Ref: greipp pr, san miguel j, durie bg, et al. (2005) jco stage (med overall survival (os)) 1 = 62 mon 2 = 45 mon 3 = 29 mon os improved since then (2005 published, looking at older data). Other fx: cytogenetics, fish, flc, mri, pet, renal, gep, etc.

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What types of treatment exist for multiple myeloma and other plasma cell cancer types?

"Many" Myeloma and other plasma cell dyscrasia treatments has evolved from standard cytotoxic approaches (eg mp, vad, hypercvad) to "novel" therapies. Immunomodulatory drugs (imids) - eg thalidomide, lenalolidomide, pomalidomide proteasome inhibitors - eg, bortezomib, carfilzomib, etc other: hsp90 inhibitors, hdaci, b-raf, etc. Over the last few years multiple new drugs have been approved for myeloma.
Multiple options. There are a variety of options for treating multiple myeloma. The main therapy is chemotherapy but radiation treatments are sometimes used for localized areas. Also a stem cell transplant is often part of the treatment. Chemotherapy or a stem cell transplant are used for a related plasma cell problem called 'primary systemic al amyloidosis.'.

What types of questions should I ask my doctor regarding treatment for multiple myeloma or other plasma cell cancer?

1-2-3. Cancer 1-2-3: 1) diagnosis - myeloma vs.? 2a) stage - iss (not that relevant for individual) 2b) prognostic factors - eg cytogenetics, pcli (if avail), gep (new), bone disease, etc. 3) treatment -- goals (response or quality or....) and options. Some regiments are easy eg rd which is good for a low burden mm disease and working pt vs. More complicated "induction" regimen for high risk/burden.
Www. Cancer. Net. Please check out www. Cancer. Net for an excellent patient resource, including questions to ask your physicians. Http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/multiple-myeloma.

What is multiple myeloma? A cancer?

Yes. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the bone and bone marrow. It is uncontrolled proliferation of plasma cells; cells that make antibodies. Ironically multiple myeloma results in immune deficiency. It also causes lytic bone lesions and fractures, increased blood calcium, renal failure, anemia and often results in death.
Bone marrow cancer. Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow. It can cause anemia, bone lesions and kidney problems and is treated with chemotherapy.
Plasma cell cancer. Multiple myeloma (mm) is a clonal disorder (=cancer) of plasma cells. Plasma cells (pc) produce immunoglobulins (aka antibodies). In mm, pcs produce monoclonal ig’s (m-proteins, m-spike, paraprotein). The abnormal proliferation of pcs and abnormal m-protein production cause the clinical features of mm -- eg crab = hypercalcemia, renal insufficiency, anemia, bone lesions (etc).

Help please? I want to know what are the major downsides of multiple myeloma cancer?

Myeloma can. Produce quite a few issues. Anemia and bone pain are the most common. Patients are also at risk for kidney problems, elevated calcium levels, fractures and infection.

Mom has liver cancer and now multiple myeloma? When can she be cured?

Chemotherapy. Sorry bad combination, see your family physician for referral to an oncologist. Great chemotherapeutic agents are available now to achieve a good palliation.
Unfortunate. It is with regret that I have to state that neither liver cancer nor multiple myeloma are generally curable cancers. Liver and bone marrow transplants may offer hope if a person has only one.

My father died from multiple myeloma at age 57 and my mother died from breast cancer at age 54, am I at risk too?

Cancer. First of all, there is no clear inheritance pattern in multiple myeloma. Second of all, majority of breast cancer is sporadic in nature and only 15 % or so cases are familial. Are there other family members either in your father and/or mother sides who also were diagnosed of having cancers? If there are- consider to see a genetician to calculate your risk and to update your screening test.
Yes. You are at risk for breast cancer, but less likely myeloma, cannot say no risk.

Doctors, what are the major downsides of multiple myeloma cancer?

Bone pain possible. Multiple myeloma is a malignant proliferation of plasma cells. This is a serious disease that can be fatal without treatment. Some symptoms include possible recurrent infections, bone pain, poor circulation, and kidney impairment. If you are concerned about myeloma please talk with your doctor. Use this link: http://my. Clevelandclinic. Org/disorders/multiple_myeloma/bm_overview. Aspx.

What do you suggest if my mom has multiple myeloma cancer/last stage?

Medical Oncologist. If she is in the end stage, hospice care would be a consideration in order to focus on quality of life. This could be facilitated by her oncologist.

My mom has multiple myeloma cancer/last stage. How long will she survive for?

Not enough info. From the National Cancer Institute --> What You Need To Know About™ - What is Multiple #Myeloma - via @theNCI http://ow. Ly/o7CJR #mmsm and Snapshot: http://ow. Ly/ungNs The International Staging System (ISS) stage 3 -- possibly your "last stage" you refer to is not necessarily helpful in treating or predicting outcomes of individual patients. More important are cytogenetics and FISH tests.