What is the difference between a baby's adjusted age and her actual age?

Adjust for premies. Adjusted age is a term used when describing premature infants. Growth and development are monitored, not just for the baby's real age but for the age he would have been if he'd been born on time. For example, if the baby was born 3 months early and is now 9 months old, his growth and development will be compared to other babies who match his adjusted age, which is 6 months old.
CA-GA=Adjusted age. Adjusted age is a term used with premature babies. If baby was born @ 32wk gestation (8 wk early) and he is now 3 months old, is adjusted age is 1 month. (chronologic age - gestational age = adjusted age). This is important in when we look at baby's developmental milestones. In this example, skills that a term 3 mo. Old would be doing, may be more advanced than we expect our 32wk premie to do.