Treated last month for suspected early pneumonia. New illness, day 10 with mostly dry harsh cough. Yesterday had 100.7, chills, lung aches when inhaling. Fever gone today so far. Wait or see doc?

See doc. If you still have symptoms that are interfering with your daily activities I would suggest that you see your doc. It has been an unusually long flu, among others, season in NY state. Allergies might also play a role in your symptoms.
Always difficult to. judge. Absence of green phlegm goes against most bacterial basis for bronchitis/pneumonia but still consistent with mycoplasma &/or viral, common in adults (not in hospitals). In all cases an issue of inadequate immune system protective function (+ symptoms from immune system response). Antibiotics (if used) only tactical chemical warfare to which bacteria ?ingly resistant, thus hit hard if use.
See your doctor. Although the flu can be associated with chills, shaking chills raises the strong possibility that this is a bacterial disease that, even after 10 days, may need treatment. See your doctor. Let's be safe, not sorry!