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I'm 23 years old and I had my gall bladder removed 6 months ago, I still have diarrhea once a day, and my stool is yellow. What does it mean?

Not uncommon. Usually referred to as post cholecystectomy dumping syndrome, and should be reported to your surgeon ASAP. The diarrhea and yellow discoloration is usually related to excess bile.

I've had my gall bladder removed but still have the same pain. I've tried taking Zantac (ranitidine) anf Prilosec but it doesn't help feels like im having a heart at?

See your doctor. See your family doctor for a re-examination of your symptoms, as the gallbladder surgery did not resolve your symptoms. Many things from gastritis or stomach ulcer or pancreatitis or other issues may need to be assessed. Could also see and gastroenterologist too.

Hi I had my gall bladder removed two weeks ago via keyhole and my stomach is still swollen and hard. Is this normal? The incisions have mostly healed apart from my belly button which is still really sore, especially to touch

Cholecystectomy? ShontelleR242 ~ you had a lap chole and that involves 2 small incisions in abdomen to insert scopes and the abdominal cavity gets distended with air to push the other organs away for op site. That can give distension after the op. If not severe and no other symptoms, you're ok. The belly button is expected till healed ~ 6 weeks. Any change see MD thanks.

Can a person with the gall bladder removed still have gall stones?

Yes they can. In some individuals stones can develop in the duct between the liver and the intestine. The symptoms may be similar to having a gall bladder attack. See your Physician if you have symptoms.
Yes. Residual Common Bile Duct Stones. See your friendly neighborhood gastroenterologist.

My friend had her gall bladder removed 8 weeks ago. Docs cannot find anything wrong, but she still has pain. What's up?

Talk to her doc. Why did your friend have gallbladder removal in the first place? Did they see gallstones? Was the symptoms suggestive of gallbladder disease? Sometimes the pain could be caused by something else so removing the gallbladder didn't address the issue? She might need to do more workup to find the cause of the problem and possible that the gallbladder didn't contribute to the initial pain. Speculative.

Still possible to pass a gallbladder stone after you have had your gall bladder removed?

A gall stone. Gall stones can form in the bile ducts, after removal of gall bladder and such stones may pass through the biliary tract. While not "gallbladder" stones as there is no gall bladder, stones in the biliary system are similar.
Postcholecystectomy. Postcholecystectomy syndrome refers to recurrent biliary pain after cholecystectomy. One reason for this is that you may have never had cholecystitis to begin with. The most common causes for recurrent pain are residual or recurrent stones. Inflammatory stricture is less common. Sphincter of oddi dysfunction is also a possibility.