What do normal bowel movements look like?

Soft, loose, yellow. Babies older than a week should have yellowish poops with the thickness of mustard or thick spaghetti sauce. Breastfeeding babies can have even looser poops. Formula-fed babies have firmer poops, but poop that holds shape would be too firm for the first 3-4 months of life. Poop gets darker, with brown/green colors blended in, and also gets firmer, as a baby gets older.
Depends on age. Newborns have very soft yellow, green seedy stools and can have 1 to 8 a day. Older babies, once they have begun eating solids, have more formed stools 1-4 times a day. Sometimes you may even see corn kernels or bits of food that were not completely digested in the diaper. Stools should not be red, black or white- if they are see your pediatrician.
Many different forms. Newborns can have as many as 8-10 bms per day to as few as 1 per 4-5 days; they can be green, yellow or brown and have the consistency of cereal, birdseed, slime or mush. Diarrhea is almost pure water repeatedly and constipation is rocky-hard rabbit pellets. Anything in between, any color (except white) or consistency can be normal.