Is multiple myeloma contagious?

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a cancer of plasma cells, which normally make antibody proteins in your body. MM is not caused by an infection, so it is not contagious in the usual sense. Still, a person with a history of myeloma should never donate blood, because their tumor cells could possibly grow in someone else if the recipient did not have a healthy immune system or was an identical twin.

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Pl suggest any alternative remedy/ies for multiple myeloma I am 48 yer old and no m band seen at this moment after 6 months of chemo?

Need mor einfo. Myeloma has many treatment variations. Most younger patients (such as you) are treated with chemotherapy followed by bone marrow transplant (autologous type or asct)). You should discuss with your doctor the pros and cons of asct in your case. Otherwise you are doing well yet you should be on maintenance chemotherapy with a drug like lenalidomide (revlimid) at the present time.
Homeopathy, herbs ; There are no proven alternatives for multiple myeloma but that does not mean they may not help; but I would continue standard treatments too. A healthy diet, tonifying herbs, reducing body burden of heavy metals ; other environmental toxins, stress reduction ; working to clear unresolved anger/grief etc. Can only help. I also advise classical homeopathy with a good homeopath. See comments for more:.

When was multiple myeloma discovered?

"Multiple Myeloma" just means multiple bone marrow tumors. A simple description like that does not take modern technology (though it would not be picked up early). Indeed, it has been known since ancient times. There have been a lot of discoveries along the way that explains what it is and how it arises. Here's an article on its history: http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/21509678.

Multiple myeloma & longevity if treated?

Multiple myeloma. Medial survival in myeloma many years ago was only 1-2 years. Nowadays, with many effective therapy such as lenalidomide, bortezomib, transplant -median survival has increased up to 7 years. Newer medications such as pomalidomide and cerfilzomib hopefully would be approved soon and more medication in pipelines are lining up - all of these would likely to increase the median survival longer.
Many years. The average survival with myeloma depends on treatment options, other medical problems, use of transplant and cytogenetic changes. In general the average survival is in the range of 5-6 years and may be longer now with newer agents.

What is the symptoms for multiple myeloma?

MM. Fatigue, bone pain, fractures of bones without injury, night sweats, pallor, malaise. Other than bone fractures, the other symptoms are not very specific.
Variable. Symptoms are related to the number of the plasma cells burder- that can include- bone pain due to cancer involvement to the bone. Fracture can happen without any trauma, supression of the normal blood count- anemia, low white blood cell, low platelet, fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion/dehydration/lethargic- related to increase serum calcium, renal function declining etc.
Many symptoms. There may be no symptoms in some people who are found to have myeloma on routine blood tests. Common symptoms include back pain, fatigue, bone fractures. Nausea and vomiting can occur related to kidney or electrolyte problems.
Multiple. Bone pain Decreased urination due to renal failure Mental status changes - hypercalcemia Fatigue from anemia Plasmacytomas can cause obstructive symptoms if compressing any organ These are few common symptoms.

What are the symptoms of multiple myeloma?

Vary. Symptoms of multiple myeloma can vary. The most common symptoms are fatigue, bone pain, and occasional renal failure with fluid retention. Some patients just of signs of disease like anemia, low platelets, a creatinine elevation, or early neuropathy.
Variable. Sometimes multiple myeloma (mm) is found on laboratory testing or with a bone fracture or infection. Symptomatic mm includes laboratory and symptom findings such as crab - hypercalcemia, renal (kidney) insufficiency, anemia, and/or bone disease (eg lytic / "moth eaten") lesions. Infection and neuropathy are other issues that can occur.
The symptoms of Multiple myeloma include: Fatigue, Bone pain, Infection, Kidney failure, Anemia.

Is it possible for multiple myeloma to be treated and cured?

No. It does not appear that we have a reliable cure for multiple myeloma. We can control it for a long period of time, and we continue to better understand treatment options and make new discoveries. Hopefully the day will come when we can cure multiple myeloma as well as we cure some leukemias and lymphomas.

Is there a cure for multiple myeloma?

Maybe. Conventionally we call myeloma an incurable cancer. However we are seeing survival rates increasing. Now pts out 10 years are not that uncommon (ash 2009 - curability of multiple myeloma - delasalle et al.) "conclusions: assuming that prolonged cr for more than 10 years translates into potential cure, we calculated a "cure fraction" of 2% for patients treated between 1987 -1997.".
No. However, remission is possible in many cases and many patients can live fairly normal lives for quite some time with the many new advances in this disease.