Tingling in left arm, sum chest pain, swollen and painful lymph node glands. Light head ringin in ears. Chesty cough?

See below. Acute bronchitis or pneumonia are the 2 possible diagnoses that come immediately to mind. Would need a lot more information for a more educated guess. Please don't smoke (even a little).

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I have sore, like a bruise, eyes, ear ache, swollen neck glands, headache and upper chest pain, what could it be? No cough or sore throat as yet. Ta.

Viral syndrome. Non-specific symptoms of generalized aching, headache, irritability, enlarged lymph glands may be for may be from a viral infection. Fever and other symptoms may develop later or not at all. Hydration, rest and otcs such as aspirin, non-steroidals, (nsaids) and Acetaminophen taken in doses not exceeding the stated daily maximums, usually help alleviate the symptoms. Read more...