Are there any age restrictions for the TB skin test?

Not aware of any. But with advancing age, the response to the skin test may be falsely negative. There are newer tests available which work by assessing the lymphocytes capacity to respond to antigenic stimulation by a component of the tubercle bacillus, but whether this differs in age groups I do not know.

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Will the TB skin test cause a side effect of diarriah?

NO RELATIONSHIP. Tb skin test is an intra-dermal test where very minute amount of reagent is injected into the skin. Nothing to do with the GI system. Read more...

Found out TB skin test positive and stressed please help?

Don't be. Don't be stressed. You need a chest x-ray and a screening by your doctor. At your age, if your chest x-ray is normal and you have no risk factors you may not need any treatment. If you have risk factors, treatment of latent TB has become much easier in the last year. If you are determined to have active TB you can be cured with 6 months of TB therapy. Read more...