What screening tests do newborns get?

Blood and hearing. Around 24 hours old babies should have blood drawn for a newborn screen and bilirubin. The newborn screen is a test that looks for genetic and metabolic diseases (the number of diseases tested varies by state). The results usually come back in 3 weeks. The bilirubin will come back in a few hours and is a measure of jaundice in the baby. Newborns also get a hearing test before hospital discharge.
Many screens. In most states, newborns are screened for elevated blood pressure, congenital cyanotic heart disease (with oxygen level), jaundice and hearing loss in the hospital. At 48 hours of age (in indiana), a newborn screen is done with heelstick and tests for sickle cell and other anemias, thyroid disease, metabolic disorders, including pku and cystic fibrosis. Some (not all) infants have a blood type.