How long is recovery from vascular surgery in the legs?

Few weeks. It depend what surgery was done how involve the surgery was.
Depends. Many patients are treated with minimally invasive techquies that have a very short recovery - hours to 2 days. Other patients require open surgery that may take weeks to recover from. A typical bypass patient has hospital stay 3 -5 days. Your surgeon will remove staples or stitches from the incisions, usually about 7 to 14 days.

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How long is recovery from vascular surgery in the legs/calves?

Depends on procedure. Recovery after any surgical procedure is variable in duration and difficulty. The biggest factors that affect recovery are the procedure itself, your overall health and physical condition, your nutritional status. Some vascular surgery leg procedures are done in an outpatient setting with recovery expected to be less than a week. Some require hospital stay and rehab for recovery. Read more...
Recovery time. Procedures done on the inside starting with only a needle puncture have little or no down time. If an open procedure ( a leg bypass for instance) is done 2-4 days in hospital and a month to get back to full speed would be a rough estimate. Read more...