Have chronic gastritis, constipation, palpitation and unrefreshing sleep. What could be the solution?

Stress, reflux. These symptoms could be due to stress, anxiety, and possibly reflux. Without a full physical, you also need to consider a cardiac issue and a GI issue. Consider and evaluation by a cardiologist, gastoenterologist and your family physician.

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I have chronic gastritis, constipation, palpitation and unrefreshing sleep. Any solutions?

Magnesium for stress. Your body is obviously under a lot of stress (emotional and/or physical). I strongly recommend supplementing with magnesium (particularly effective is peter gillham's natural vitality calm), which helps specifically with musculoskeletal tension, constipation, cardiac arrhythmias & palpitations, insomnia, and anxiety. Consider digestive enzymes and probiotics to aid digestion & melatonin for sleep.
Depends on the cause. Many medications can cause the symptoms you describe so review what you are on and follow the chronolgy of introduction. What was introduced at about the time you developed your symptoms? Some of the symptoms - maybe all can be caused by anxiety so cognitive-behavior therapy, biofeedback, or anti-anxiety medicines (buspirone) may be indicated. Nonrestorative sleep can be apnea, rls, meds, depress.