What is adhs (vasopressin)? I seen it on an answer pertaining to weight loss problems

Snake oil. It is one of many unregulated, un tested, and non-sensical agents sold for the purpose of weight loss. Its claim is adrenal regulation, but there are no ingredients in it to do that; if there were, it would be only used for specific syndromes managed under the care of an endocrinologist. Ask your doctor about a diet and exercise program. .
Care with diet fads . According to one marketing site: "AADHS®, could be an acronym for ADrenal HyperSecretion, comprehensive and effective adaptogenic formula, providing selective botanical extracts, with pertinent vitamins and minerals. ADHS® serves to replenish nutrients depleted by the stress response, thereby positively supporting adrenal function" Pl be careful with such diet fads and consult your MD for need.