Like gonioscopy, opthalmoscopy, and tonometry hurt?

They Do not hurt. Gonioscopy, ophthalmoscopy and tonometry are all part of a complete eye examination and generally do not hurt. Topical anesthetic drops are instilled in the eye at the beginning of the examination. While the bright light of ophthalmoscopy may be briefly uncomfortable, it is generally not painful.

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Do the tests like gonioscopy, opthalmoscopy, and tonometry hurt?

No. Those are very common tests done by ophthalmologist who are trained to perform them. When done correctly, there is no pain at all. The eyes are first numbed with an anesthetic eye drop and therefore, no pain is felt. During the tests, an instrument does come in contact with the cornea, but the patient cannot feel anything because the eye is numbed. Aprehension...Yes...Pain...No! Read more...

Can tests like gonioscopy, opthalmoscopy, and tonometry be painful?

No. These eye tests are not painful but the bright lights may be intense. The tonometry may be startling (if it involves a puff of air) and if they have to contact your corneal, they will use topical anesthetic. Read more...