I'm due to have an MRI of the brain and spine, neurological wants to see if I have peripheral neuropathy even though I'm not diabetic?

MRI test can show. If you have neuropathy, the MRI tests will be normal. Neuropathy is determined with nerve conduction tests (sometimes called EMG). There are many causes of neuropathy besides diabetes. These include vitamin B12 deficiency and heavy alcohol use. MRI tests are often ordered to assess for numbness, just not numbness caused by neuropathy.
No. Doing an MRI of brain and spine makes no sense to investigate peripheral neuropathy. Get an EMG of legs.

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Would an MRI of the brain and cervical spine be able to yield info about the source of peripheral neuropathy? Or would lumbar spine be more approp?

Lumbar puncture (LP) If peripheral neuropathy is the diagnosis, then a lumbar puncture wd prob be higher yield than an MRI. MRI only detects anatomical abnormalities. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by a systemic condition - infection, metabolic (diabetes), auto-immune, etc. It is a functional (not anatomic) problem. In the right context, a LP cd show evid 4 viral, MS, & other causes. MRI will likely yield nothing. Read more...