Syndactyly - webbed feet, has anyone had the operation to separate two webbed toes?

Syndactyly. There really are more problems with the surgery unless you are in unremitting pain and nothing else has helped. Proceed with caution.
Surgery available. There are surgical procedures to separate webbed toes. I would only recommend surgery if one is having pain, which does not seem to be common. The danger with the surgery is compromising the circulation..... So there is more risk involved than many other surgical procedures. Again the surgery is done very rarely.

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Syndactyly - webbed feet: what are the risks of the operation to separate two webbed toes?

Syndactyly. The risks are the same as with any surgery. However if this is not causing problems why have the surgery?
There are many. .. Infection, non healing wounds, delayed healing, to name just a few and rarely death but very possible. Surgery is the last resort.

Syndactyly - has anyone had the operation to separate two webbed toes?

Certainly. There are many people who have desyndactylization - the procedure in which we separate the toes. It is a surgical procedure and you must consider the risks and potential benefits of any surgery.
Yes. This separation surgery can be performed if requested. This is usually done for cosmetic reasons. When I perform this surgery, I will usually take an elliptical wedge of skin from just below the ankle and place it in the web space between the separated toes. Usually works well. May have some stiffness to the toes after surgery. Dr l.