I have chronic kidney disease im 22 years old but I feel someone made me to have kidney failure is this possible? Can any one make others kidney fail

Not likely. One cannot make another person's kidneys fail by which-craft. It is possible to give someone chemicals that would damage the kidneys, however, I doubt that was what happened. There are many causes of kidney failure but it would take examination, history, urine and other tests to determine the cause. I hope that you are under the care of a doctor for treatment.

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I used to smoke marijuana & im a smoker and drink alcohol im 23 years old did that have caused chronic kidney disease?

High risk. It was always known that smoking increase the risk of kidney disease. Now, a research shows that smoking may lead to potentially dangerous changes in kidney function even in healthy population, regardless the age. Another study concluded that smoking and alcohol drinking chronic kidney disease and it was supported by evidence of a dose-response trend. Think to change your life style. Read more...