Diagnosed with anemia. I take 65mg iron twice a day. Hemoglobin is now normal but RDW is 20.3 and RBC in urine is 3-5 (high)?

May take time . for your RDW to normalize. Your hemoglobin will return to normal faster than your RDW. The RDW is most useful when it is reported with the MCV to determine the cause of anemia. I would also want to know WHY you became iron deficient. Since you are post menopausal, you should not really be losing a lot of iron. Have you had a hem-occult test? 3-5 RBC in a UA is not high, but it is not normal.
Need a few. more numbers. The high RW may mean you still are iron deficient. Do you know your ferritin? RBCs in your urine unlikely unrelated.