Question about sleep and health?

Sleep symptoms. Sleep is vital for health and wellness! If you snore or stop breathing a sleep study is recommended to check for sleep apnea. If you have sleep deprivation or insomnia and are tired all the time looking at your sleep schedule and habits would be helpful. Also stress, diet and exercise play a role in sleep. See my profile for more info on sleep consultations.

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Question about sleep and health?

Common question. As always, appropriate diet, exercise and an appropriate search for happiness. Not always easy to find in the rush and bustle of our modern world. We often survive rather than live.
Good sleep is needed. For good health. 1. Keep regular bed & wakening time (includes weekends). Get up same time daily. 2. Make a regular, relaxing bedtime routine: warm bath or shower, aromatherapy, reading, or listening to gentle music. 3. Sleep in dark, quiet, cool room w comfortable mattress & pillows. 4. Use bedroom only for sleep & sex. Put work materials, computers, & tvs in another room. 5. Finish eating.

How can better manage my sleep and health?

Easy, but expensive. A decent diet in america is expensive but essential to health. "junk" may be cheaper but it is still expensive. The only other things to do are exercise and adequate rest. We are created to be active and to enjoy the natural world, but we have become artificial in so many ways. Technology is a two-edged sword.

Of how I can better manage my sleep and health?

Diet/exercisef. This question keeps popping up. It is a reminder that the overall health of the U.S.Is awful! Appropriate diet, staying away from "junk", coffee, smoking and taking open air exercise are the only ways that you can become "healthy". There are no short cuts. See my blog "oxygen, the spark of life" thatg you can google.

Is night work going to affect my sleep and health?

It may. We are adapted to the light/dark cycle by circadian (about 24 hours) rhythm. Night duty means that you have to readapt to a reversal of this timing of activity/sleep and some people cannot do this. Exercise and a good diet to maintain health is your best method of enabling this readaptatation to occur.
Yes. 7-8 hours of restful and restorative sleep in tune with the natural daylight cycle and the body's normal circadian rhythms is ideal for almost everyone. Any interruption or change in that pattern is associated with higher risk of health issues. Night shift workers clearly have a higher risk of developing chronic disease, impaired cognitive function, impaired memory, depression, etc.

I wont sleep. It affect my sleep and health. How to control this?

Insomnia. Insomnia is very common today. It is related to an unquiet mind from any cause. If sugary stuff is in your diet, get rid of it completely. Try meditating that is achieved by sitting quietly and coounting your blessings, however few they are or how hard your life is.

What's the most medically and scientifically accepted study on effects of sleep and health? Do I really have to sleep 8 hours a night?

6 to 8 hours. Most people will perform best and have the best health with 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Your body will tell you what you need. Eventhough some people do well with less than 6 hours others may need more than 8. The quality of sleep is also important and if deep sleep is not achieved, 8 hours may not be enough.