How do I exercise restraint?

In moderation. Do you mean with food? Willpower acts like a muscle. If you use it too much it tires out. It's also likely to get worn out if you try to use it when you're hungry or tired. So get enough sleep and eat small meals or 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout the day. Don't deprive yourself completely of foods you like, just take smaller portions. Don't kick yourself if you eat more than you think you should.

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How do I exercise self restraint?

Don't try too much. Some researchers believe that willpower is like a muscle -- if you use it too much it will get tired out. So focus on using it when it's most important. Don't try to deprive yourself of everything you find enjoyable -- just enjoy smaller portions, also, try not to exercise self-restraint when you're tired or hungry. It will just be harder. Get enough sleep and eat healthy food throughout the day. Read more...