With, like a tooth brace, but for your prominent ears?

Question? Are you referring to the new cartilaze ear contouring procedure? This is a non-surgical method of re-shaping the ears that involves using a laser to gently heat the ear cartilage followed by placement of a special device called a trellis to hold the ear in place for three weeks. The ear retains the new shape after the trellis support device is removed.
Sorry, won't work... Braces work to straighten teeth because teeth can be moved within the bone with steady forces applied. After the first few weeks of life, the ear cartilages cannot be repositioned in this way. An otoplasty is a pretty straightforward operation to reposition and reshape the ears to a more normal position. This can be done at any age by a plastic or facial plastic surgeon familiar with the procedure.

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What is the device used on your ears, like a tooth brace, but for treating prominent ears?

Not sure. Perhaps you may be referring to a product in development that relies on a system to hold and reshape the ear. Read more...
Otoplasty is best. The device is an ear band with a molded earpiece, but this is really on for babies, when their ear cartilage is still moldable. The device has to be worn all day. An otoplasty can be useful to correct issues like a prominent ear where the entire ear is pushed forward or a cup ear deformity where there is a lack of one of the normal ear folds. Consult a facial plastic surgeon for a consultation. Read more...