Is head bandage better or headband after otoplasty forprominent ears in adults?

Varies by surgeon. Thr postoperative regimen will vary by surgeon. In my practice i will ask patients wear a very compressive head bandage forapproximately the first 24 hours. Then they are asked to wear a headband or other covering over the ears for 24hrs x 7 days and then at night for an additional 14 days.
Both. The ear(s) is/are carefully supported and a gauze head wrap is placed to protect the ears during the first night after surgery. After that a headband should be used during sleep to avoid inadvertently bending the ears forward and popping stitches and causing bleeding. Cartilaze is a new laser ear contouring procedure that can give very good results without surgery.
Either. Whatever is more comfortable is fine. I use a bandage one night then switch to a band on day one.
Either short term. After otoplasty, our concern is that the patient will roll over in his/her sleep and "fold" the corrected ear forward. I generally have my patients wear a loose headband while sleeping for about 6 weeks to keep this from happening. A great headband for this can be made by cutting a headband sized piece out of the thigh area of nylon pantyhose: lightweight, cheap and replaceable.