I have placenta previa. How soon can I go into labor and will my baby be safe?

Cesarean by 36-37w. Placenta previa can lead to preterm labor, so i would recommend prelabor (i.e. Shceuled) cesarean section by 36-37 weeks. If placenta accreta is also suspected, delivery should be by 34-35 weeks with Betamethasone administration and immediate puerperal hysterectomy without attempt at placental delivery! all this shoudl be done in a large hospital. The infant should do well regardless.
Placenta previa. The chance of early labor may increase with placenta previa if you have a bleed lifting up a portion of the placenta. There are several forms of placenta previa depending upon the percentage of the opening of the womb is covered by the placenta. In fact, what appears early in pregnancy to be a complete previa may change in time as the uterus increases in size. C section is common for delivery.