Can you tell me how I could grow my eyelashes faster?

Dual edge question? We are genetically programmed on lash length size & women generally have shorter lashes than men, b/c it's recessive in women. However, there are some 'lash lengthening' mascara that are made fr. glaucoma drops side effect is both lash lengthening & darkening of the iris pigment to brown or darker, and lowering intraocular eye pressure overrriding genetics.It stops working, when you stop using it!
Eyelash Growth. Try to get 8 hours sleep per night, maintain good hydration, eat healthfully, maintain normal cholesterol levels. Eyelash enhancement products can be used. Although I am not endorsing any products, some examples are: Latisse, (bimatoprost) Renew Lash, Revitalsh Eye, Enormous Lash & Lilash.