What do these blood cells do?

Fight infection. They do many things. The granulocytes are the first line of defense and fight infection. The red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the entire body and the platelets help blood clot and repair leaks that often occur in blood vessels. All 3 cell lines originate in the bone marrow and enter the blood stream when they are mature.
What blood cells. Can you be more specific, which kind of blood cells are you talking about.

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What do white blood cells do in the body?

Fight infection. White cells are the body's means to attack invaders, secrete substances helpful to combat infection and immune disorders and keep your body healthy. Read more...

What do the white blood cells do in the body?

White blood cells. They are mainly the soldiers int he body and different wbcs have different roles just like the differnt braches of hte military. Some fight bacteria and some fight viruses. Read more...