How much can be done in orthodontics?

Plenty! There are limits, however beautiful and healthy smiles can be created with orthodontics at any age.
A tremendous amount. Perhaps the service that can be provided with orthodontic treatment is only limited by the imagination and skill of the orthodontist and the cooperation of the patient. Modern ortho, implants, orthognathic surgery, mini implants, and advanced restorative techniques make a great smile possible for nearly every patient.
Depends upon needs. A balance exists between how your teeth fit together (bite) and how the joints, muscles head and neck function. Orthodontics needs to be done so all of these structures function in the best manner possible. Straightening the teeth without the bite in the proper relationship is an invitation to instability and other compensations you don't need/deserve.
Beautiful Changes. A lot can be done with both types of braces today! Metal braces are the old traditional type... Most people find them to be somewhat painful. Invisalign braces are a much more comfortable alternative for most people and today they can work for most cases as they have improved so much in recent years. Teeth must be free of decay and any extractions done prior to starting orthodontic treatment.
Alot. Please consult with an orthodontist. So much is possible these days and braces are now almost invisible.
A great deal. Depending on the problem, orthodontics can create great cosmetic and functional corrections.
Lots. Orthodontics can correct significant alignment problems of your teeth and can camouflage mild alignment problems of your jaws.
A lot. In virtually all cases facial balance can be enhanced or maintained if already in balance. Periodontal health can often be restored. Esthetics will be improved. Long term stability of the new bite is obtainable with adherence to maintaining the lower canine width and arch form. There are very very few cases that cannot be improved.
Lots! Orthodontists don't just straighten teeth. They guide the developing crania-facial complex, making sure all the skeletal and dental parts fit, are functional, esthetic, and stable. Average improvement with traditional braces when guided by an orthodontic specialist is 90-95%. Average clear aligner improvement is 41%.
See orthodontist. The goal of orthodontic treatment is a beautiful smile and a good bite. A variety of orthodontic treatments are available with orthodontics today. However, consulting with your orthodontist is the best way to achieve your treatment goals. Orthodontists are trained three years longer than a general dentist. After orthodontic consultation, study models and imaging all options will be explained.
Amazing Smiles. Orthodontics can help you get a healthy and beautiful smile. There are so many amazing things that can be accomplished but you really need to visit with an orthodontist to discuss them. Go to www. Thewellnoushour. Com and search for dr. Shawn murray to watch my tv interview.

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How much can be done with orthodontics?

Lots. Most problems related to alignment of teeth can be corrected with orthodontics or braces. From minor corrections to transforming the entire smile, a lot can be done. Orthodontics can change peoples lives. Some advanced problems might need additional procedures.
Amazing Smiles. Orthodontics can give you the beautiful smile you deserve. There are so many amazing things that can be done with braces. Check out my tv interview at www. Thewellnoushour. Com and search for me dr. Shawn murray.
Smiles the limit. There is almost no limit to the amount of movement and improvement to the positions of a patients teeth and smile.
What are your goals? The question is much too vague. What are you hoping to accomplish? What aspect of orthodontic treatment are you referring to?
Lots. So many wonderful things. It's almost like magic the improvements that can be made. See an orthodontic specialist for an individualized evaluation to learn as much as you can before making a decision.
Ortho-smile changer. Great advances in orthodontics have reduced the cost to affordable for young and old. For the young it is a game changer. It builds confidence, changes life attitudes. We always refer our older patients for ortho prior to dental implant surgery. This maximizes their outcome. Every patient is glad they did this.
Too Broad A Question. Your question is way too broad. It can be related to asking "how tall is a man". I would suggest to you that you be more specific. I am sure that the panel would be pleased to answer your question.
A great deal. The scope of adding orthodontics to a dental treatment plan is a very advantageous. It does depend on the problems and if orthodontics would be beneficial.
Orthodontics. This is a question to ask your orthodontist. If you have a really severe dental malocclusion, you might require orthodontics and oral surgery to get your bite straight. Most orthodontists offer free consultations in which they can explain your treatment options for your specific problems/issues. Go see an orthodontist and get your options.
6mm. We call our specialty a 6mm specialty. Which means we can really move teeth about 6 millimeters in 3 dimensions.
Depends. How much can be done with orthodontics may depend upon the severity of the malocclusion (bite discrepancy) as well as if the malocclusion is strictly a dental related problem or if there is a skeletal problem that is contributing to the malocclusion.
Your real Question. Is: can braces fix MY smile? For an answer, arrange a consultation with a local orthodontist. This is usually available without charge. BTW my oldest patient was a 65 year old man. His teeth are now perfect.
A Lot. Orthodontics can straighten teeth, coordinate your bite, adjust skeletal issues between your upper/lower jaws. Always consult and orthodontic specialist who is trained for 2-3 years AFTER dental school specifically in this area of expertise.